Learn The Underground Playbook To Dominate Your Gyms Local Market & Beyond.

Grow & Scale Your Business

Remove the guesswork. 3 full days of actionable growth strategies from experts that have been in your shoes and have turned their businesses into juggernauts.

Connect and Have Fun

Meet like-minded gym owners and experts who’ve been in your shoes, faced the same challenges, and overcome the same obstacles

Discover latest Business Trends

The ‘Game of Gym Ownership' has changed… Tactics and strategies that used to work are failing. We are going to share what is working NOW.

A 3-Day Mastermind Event for Gym Owners by Gym Owners


Big Little Gyms Is For Gym Owners or managers who are looking to scale & win by doing the right things. Learn to build predictable growth, a strong tribe with profit, client results, and long-term success and happiness...

Without the unsustainable gimmicks, and with real people who want to see you win. At the Summit, the focus is on fun, solving problem, and collaboration (not long boring content).

For The Best Of The Best And The 100 Future Leaders Of The Industry

The Barbell Business Summit is not a big convention with paid speakers, designed to sell a lot of tickets to part-time owners, coaches, and wannabe's. In fact, it's the opposite.

  • With only 100 seats available, attendees will have the opportunity to connect with like-minded peers who are also established gym owners.

  • The setting allows for meaningful networking, sharing of experiences, and the formation of valuable relationships.

  • Delve into topics such as scaling operations, optimizing revenue streams, marketing strategies, leadership development, and customer retention.

  • Through engaging discussions, practical workshops, and networking opportunities, attendees can expect to gain valuable insights, forge meaningful connections, and leave with actionable strategies to drive their businesses forward.

Act now and secure your spot at the highly exclusive Barbell Business Summit! With only 100 seats available, time is running out.

Learn Everything, Conquer Anything At The Summit!

At the Summit you'll learn and collaborate with other gym owners you everything you need to succeed in business today, tomorrow, in the future, and against any storm

The Gym Scaling Framework

Unlock a blueprint for success, proven strategies and practical insights to navigate the challenges of scaling effectively. From streamlining operations and building high-performing teams to leveraging technology and making the right offers, all the tools needed to propel your business forward.

Step INTO Your Calling

Clarify a bigger why. Step into your greatness, unleash your inner visionary, and making decisions that propel your business forward. Learn to challenge the status quo, seize opportunities, and navigate obstacles with unwavering confidence

UNIQUE Flywheel Traffic Strategies

There is no business without customers. Unfortunately, customers aren’t falling into our laps like in years’ past... We’re going to show you how to attract golden customers without breaking the bank.

Building The Dream Team

Embark on a transformative journey to become an extraordinary leader. Discover the art of effective communication, emotional intelligence, and empowering your team to achieve greatness.

Building a MOVEMENT

In a world craving connection your community is your differentiater. Learn the strategies and insights that will guide you in creating a thriving network of individuals who collaborate, support, and inspire one another.

Compounding Continuity

Unlock the Secret to Exponential Business Growth with Compounding Continuity by learn how to get more member, keep them longer, and how to make them worth more to your business.

The Road To 'The $50k Club' Goes Through The Barbell Business Summit

Only the top 1% of independent brick-and-mortar box owners will clear the $50,000 monthly revenue mark. So we created an award called the “$50k Club” award to recognize these gym owners who reach the financial milestone using Big Little Gyms and Gymnetics…

Every gym owner deserves to be recognized with a walk across the stage at the Barbell Business Summit to receive their $50k Club award, and celebrate the special milestone that they’ve hit!

Rather than another plastic trophy, a framed record, or a plaque, we present our gym owners with a Mjölni (The Hammer of The Thunder God Thor) hand-crafted by a USMC veteran, making each one one-of-a-kind.

This hammer is symbolic of the journey of gym owners not only recognizes financial success but also represents the journey. The transformation to selfless leader that a gym owner must endure to reach this milestone.

It serves as a reminder of the qualities they embody and the impact they have made. It adds an element of honor and distinction to the recognition, making it a truly meaningful and memorable experience for those who receive it.

In addition to receiving the award, the gym owners who have reached this milestone have a story to tell. At the event, they will share their insights, strategies, and experiences with others during the $50 Club panel Session at the summit.

This further enriches the event by providing valuable knowledge and inspiration to fellow gym owners who aspire to achieve similar levels of success.

Overall, the "$50k Club" award and the recognition given at the Barbell Business Summit contribute to fostering a sense of community, motivation, and accomplishment among gym owners.

It demonstrates your commitment to celebrating and elevating the achievements of entrepreneurs in the fitness industry.

Are you ready to take the next step in your journey? Are you eager to learn from the top 1% in our industry? Then join us at the Barbell Business Summit. Become part of our community, gain valuable insights, and let's celebrate success together.

Reserve your spot today, and step into a future of limitless potential.

Event Schedule

Here is what we are going to do!

Day 1


"The Road To The $50k Club"

9:00 am - Start Time In the Winfield Ballroom at Canopy Hotel (Old Town Scottsdale Location)

12:00 pm - Lunch Break

1:30 pm - Resume In the Winfield Ballroom at Canopy Hotel

4:30 pm - End Time In Winfield Ballroom at Canopy Hotel

6:00 pm - $50k Club Banquet and Dinner at Museum Of The West

Day 2


"The Road To The $50k Club"

9:00 am - Start Time In Winfield Ballroom at Canopy Hotel

12:00 pm - Lunch Break

1:30 pm - Resume In Winfield Ballroom at Canopy Hotel

5:00 pm - End Time In Winfield Ballroom at Canopy Hotel

6:30 pm - VIP Dinner & Experience Provided (Owner Only - TBA, casual attire)

Day 3


"The Road To The $50k Club"

9:30 am - 1:00 pm - “Mastermind With A View” at the Rooftop Pool Cabanas at Canopy Hotel (Owners only)

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From Gym Owners Who Have Attended

"I just really looking forward to coming to this event because being in a room of like-minded people that all are trying to better themselves, better their businesses, has been just absolutely incredible."

Barry Bozwell

CrossFit DieHard

Daytona Beach, FL

"I've been able to take away a lot of things. Just being able to network and build relationships with other gym owners that are going through the same things as me has been huge. Just to be able to talk and bounce ideas off of each other has been a game changer"

Kelly McGriff Culver

Iron Flag Fitness

Chicago, IL

"There's a lot of insights to be gained out here. I've been, it's helped me to look at what I'm doing from some different perspectives that I haven't considered before. And it's fun to hang out with people that are genuine, that care, and just wanna make an impact on people's lives."

Carl Neidholdt

Crossfit Cerberus

Blue Springs, Missouri

Join The Fun! Act now and secure your spot at the highly exclusive Barbell Business Summit! With only 100 seats available, time is running out.

Additional Event Information & FAQ's



Thursday, September 14th to 16th, 2023

Which Venue is this at?

Canopy By Hilton - Old Town Scottsdale

7142 E 1st St

Scottsdale, AZ 85251

Is there a roomblock?

Yes. There are a limited number of rooms available at a discounted price. First come, first serve. Once you buy your ticket reach out to the team so we can send you the booking link. Remaining rooms are very limited onsite as many have been pre-sold to our current active annual mastermind members. ROOM BLOCK IS NOW SOLD OUT. You can still book a room directly through the hotel at the link below.

Hotel Room Booking Information


What other hotels nearby do you recommend?

Hotel Valley Ho

6850 E Main St

Scottsdale, AZ 85251

Courtyard by Marriott Scottsdale Old Town

3311 N Scottsdale Rd

Scottsdale, AZ 85251

Hilton Garden Inn Scottsdale Old Town

7324 E Indian School Rd

Scottsdale, AZ 85251

Hyatt Place Scottsdale/Old Town

7300 E 3rd Ave

Scottsdale, AZ 85251

Which Airport to fly into?

Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport (10 minute drive to venue)

Event General Questions

Whats the difference between a standard ticket and a VIP ticket?

The standard ticket is for the sessions, workshops, and networking events on Thursday (the 14th) and Friday (the 15th) until around 5PM as well as the $50k Club Banquet dinner on Thursday at 6pm.

The VIP tickets turns the summit into a complete experience! With an additional VIP dinner and experience on Friday evening, as well as entire additional day on Saturday (the 16th) that will include a VIP-level experience. There will other additional VIP perks sprinkled throughout the event.

When does the event start and end each day?

In the conference room we will begin on Thursday at 9am and go until around 5pm, the $50k club banquet dinner on Thursday night will start at 6pm and end some time around 9pm. On Friday, we will be in the conference room from 9am until around 5pm. It is recommended that you stay until the very end of the event on Friday.

Is SWAG included for the event?

YES! We put a lot of effort in to commemorating our event with amazing swag. We do something unique for every event, hats, shirts, notebooks, pens, backpacks, and books are just a few of the things the past event SWAG included.

Who are the speakers this year?

We will be releasing the speaker line up as we get closer to the Event.

How many People will be at this Event?

We are limiting the event to just 100 seats. We expect it to sell out well in advance.

Are we allowed to record audio/video at the event?

No, recording or live streaming of the event is strictly prohibited. We encourage you to take pictures!

Are there sponsorship opportunities for my business?

If you are interested in sponsorship opportunities, please reach out to will@biglittlegyms.com

Does the hotel offer free parking?


Are pets allowed in the Event?

Contact the venue hotel directly to confirm.

Will any meals be provided with my Event ticket?

All attendees will be welcome to attend the Wednesday $50k Club Banquet where we will award and recognize our newest $50k Club Inductees and network. Dinner at this banquet will be included, and the attire will be upscale casual or business casual.

What happens if the Event is unable to happen due to an unlikely "Force Majeure" event?

If due to any type of outside event beyond our control, if we are unable to hold a live event, your ticket will be converted into a Virtual Ticket, where you will have an amazing Virtual Experience! This is unlikely to happen, but circumstances like previous global COVID shutdowns have us prepared.

What is the deadline for deciding if I will be attending?

September 1st is the deadline for purchasing your ticket. This will allow enough time to plan accordingly and make sure your SWAG is ordered and shipped!


Will I be guaranteed to sit in the Mainevent space?

Yes, every ticket will have an assigned seat in the main event space.

Is there a VIP/Preferred seating area?

Yes. Mastermind and VIP ticket holders will have special seating together towards the front of the room.

Do you make special accommodations for those with physical limitations?

Yes, we will ensure the event space is accessible. Please reach out to support@biglittlegyms.com should you need special accommodations made or assistance.

Age Limitations

Is there an age limit to attend? 

There is no age limit to attend. If you are under 18 years old, however, you must attend with your legal guardian.

Can I bring my baby/kids?

No, this Event is not appropriate for young children in the event space. Of course, your family welcome to do whatever they would like outside of the event and the area is a great for families to go out on foot while you participate in the event. If you have a unique circumstance and you need to bring your child, please contact us and we will consider your request.

Act now and secure your spot at the highly exclusive Barbell Business Summit!

With only 100 seats available, time is running out.

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